Writing activities for grade 1 pinterest remembrance

Friday, November 6, November Writing Crafts November writing is all about being thankful - thankful for what we have and for what others have done to allow us to have what we have!

Writing activities for grade 1 pinterest remembrance

At school we incorporate the poppy into our Art projects. This is a Poppy watercolor painting project that I have done with Grades 1 and 2. I always like to tape a painting project as it leaves a nice clean mat for presentation. Using a pencil mark off horizon.

writing activities for grade 1 pinterest remembrance

In this project we used rolling hills. Using the painter's masking tape low tack masking tape we cut pieces in half and create crosses.

You can help cut the tape for the kids or let them give it a go. I find that some get quite frustrated cutting the tape while others enjoy doing it themselves.

I asked the kids to mask off at least 3 crosses. They can do more as long as it was an odd number 3,5, Odd numbers just look better visually.

Press down all the tape edges to make sure your tape will resist the paint. We started with the sky. We wet the paper with plain water to the horizon line and then added our paint starting at the top.

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This is called a graded wash and mimics the sky in real life. It will be darker at the top and will get lighter as it approaches the horizon. Using the green paint paint in the rolling hills. We mixed a little brown with our green to get a darker shade of green and to add some depth to our hills.

If you want some clouds in your sky you can lift off some color while it's still wet with a kleenex to form some realistic looking clouds. To further add some texture to your painting you can sprinkle on some salt when the paint is just about dry, right before it loses its shine.

Don't remove the salt until it is completely dry or it will smear. While you are waiting for your painting to dry work on your poppies. You can paint some paper red while you have your paints out or you can use some red construction paper. Cut out some poppy shapes and then using your black marker put in the centers.

You need quite a few poppies if you want drifts of flowers.


When your painting has dried rub off the salt. I usually hold it over the sink to do this step. Using a glue stick, attach the poppies to your painting. This is the painting my son completed last year. The kids were amazed when they took off the tape and the white crosses appeared.Nov 15, Writing crafts that are NO PREP!

Kids just write, color, cut, and glue and they make great bulletin boards - perfect for kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade | See more ideas about Writing activities, 1st grade science and First grade science.

Students in Grade K, 1 and 2 are full of creativity, and it is important to let students take their time so they can nurture their creative development. There is plenty of time in grades 3 and above to begin teaching them about the more technical aspects of drawing.

The hostilities of World War I officially ended at on November 11, In others words, at on the 11th day of the 11th month. That is why in Canada and many other countries, Remembrance Day is celebrated on November 11 each year, with a moment of silence at (World War I itself.

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Fun in First Grade. A collection of activities, books, videos, writing, and poems for a first grade fire safety unit. timberdesignmag.com Here is a set of Remembrance Day Activities to do the Kids. The majority are indeed Poppy Crafts.

If you do make some Poppy Crafts, please do remember .

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