Turtles all the way down a

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Turtles all the way down a

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I love how John Green gets into depth with Aza Holmes' character, and even Continue reading Add your rating See all 12 kid reviews. Aza has a loyal best friend, Daisy Ramirez, an enthusiastic extrovert who can talk about anything with anyone. Aza's father and Davis' mother each died when the kids were in elementary school.

Once Aza meets Davis again, however, they rekindle a bond that equally thrills and terrifies Aza.

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Continue reading Show less Is it any good? They're both half-orphaned and lost, but for different reasons. An avid astronomer, Davis looks up to the stars, whereas Aza concentrates on her self -- or selves, since she's focused on her body as a biodome for microorganisms the body being roughly 10 percent human and 90 percent microbial.

Green brings them together in a sweetly romantic way, but the romance is somewhat doomed, considering Aza's myriad neuroses kissing, while initially pleasant, turns sour once the intrusive thoughts about the billions of bacteria they've shared begin.

For a book less than pages long, Turtles All the Way Down requires a lot of unpacking and invites the reader to think, think, think about everything from mental illness to first love to the intricacies of Star Wars mythology.

Like Aza's unique name from A to Z and back againthere are endless possibilities for conversation points stemming from Green's themes. There are also extended therapy sessions, mini-lessons on the biological importance of the tuatara a nearly extinct lizard-like creature that lives past years and is actually more like a dinosaur than a lizardand a great deal of existential angst.

Green inserts gentle doses of humor, usually courtesy of Aza's vivacious best friend Daisy who writes Star Wars fanfiction as a hobbybut this is ultimately a dark book about the trappings of mental illness.

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It also has one of the most memorable endings in young adult literature. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Does the book make you feel empathetic toward those living with mental illness or compulsive thinking disorder?

Who's a role model in the story? What character strengths does that person display? How did the ending make you feel? What are some of the messages about first love and hope and the future?

Turtles all the way down a

What resources does the book share to help those living with mental illness? How can you help others suffering with OCD and other mental health issues seek the care they need?The largest living chelonian is the leatherback sea turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), which reaches a shell length of cm ( ft) and can reach a weight of over kg (2, lb).Freshwater turtles are generally smaller, but with the largest species, the Asian softshell turtle Pelochelys cantorii, a few individuals have been reported up to cm ( ft).

Sixteen-year-old Aza never intended to pursue the mystery of fugitive billionaire Russell Pickett, but there’s a hundred-thousand-dollar reward at stake and her Best and Most Fearless Friend, Daisy, is eager to investigate.

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Turtles All the Way Down is quintessential John Green - exceedingly eloquent teens with advanced vocabularies ponder existential questions - but, much like its protagonist, the book suffers from a confused sense of identity, trying to be too many things at once.

It subsequently lacks focus and offers weak emotional impact.4/5. The Mighty Sea Turtle. Every year a cycle of life occurs on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore when female sea turtles return to the beaches where they were hatched to deposit eggs into a nest dug into the sand which will hatch to start the next generation of sea turtles.

Introduction “Wrenching and revelatory.” An instant #1 bestseller, the widely acclaimed Turtles All the Way Down is John Green's brilliant and shattering new novel. Featured on 60 Minutes, Fresh Air, Studio , Good Morning Amercia, The TODAY Show.

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