The importance of the virtuous circle in battle hymn of the tiger mother a book by amy tan

But my parents were much stricter, actually, socially. You know, the no play dates and no sleepovers kind of comes from them. I actually did give my kids play dates when they were little.

The importance of the virtuous circle in battle hymn of the tiger mother a book by amy tan

Achingly honest and profoundly challenging, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is one of the most talked-about books of our times. Amy [Chua]'s memoir is brutally honest, and her willingness to share her struggles is a gift.

Whether or not you agree with her priorities and approach, she should be applauded for raising these issues with a thoughtful, humorous and authentic voice.

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Chua's conviction that hard work leads to inner confidence is a resonant one. This memoir raises intriguing, sometimes uncomfortable questions about love, pride, ambition, achievement and self-worth that will resonate among success-obsessed parents… Readers of all stripes will respond to [Battle Hymn of the] Tiger Mother.

Chua promotes what has traditionally worked very well in raising children: What they are, however, are different from what she sees as indulgent and permissive Western parents: Chua and her Jewish husband both are professors at Yale Law raised two girls, and her account of their formative years achieving amazing success in school and music performance proves both a model and a cautionary tale.

Sophia, the eldest, was dutiful and diligent, leapfrogging over her peers in academics and as a Suzuki piano student; Lulu was also gifted, but defiant, who excelled at the violin but eventually balked at her mother's pushing.

Chua's efforts "not to raise a soft, entitled child" will strike American readers as a little scary--removing her children from school for extra practice, public shaming and insults, equating Western parenting with failure--but the results, she claims somewhat glibly in this frank, unapologetic report card, "were hard to quarrel with.

From Bookmarks Magazine Most critics agreed that Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is an entertaining read—lively and humorous, written with the intent to shock. Critics judged the book largely by asking the following questions: Should self-esteem come before accomplishment, or accomplishment before self-esteem?

If the latter, should it be achieved by threats and constant monitoring? She insists that Western children are no happier than Chinese ones, and that her daughters are the envy of neighbors and friends, because of their poise and musical, athletic, and academic accomplishments.

Ironically, this may be read as a cautionary tale that asks just what price should be paid for achievement.Law professor Amy Chua's new book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, became an instant NYT bestseller, and news stories about her, her family, or the national debate would grace the covers of magazines from Time to People.".

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At once provocative and laugh-out-loud funny, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother ignited a global parenting debate with its story of one mother’s journey in strict parenting. Amy Chua argues that Western parenting tries to respect and nurture children’s individuality, while Chinese parents typically believe that arming children with skills, strong work habits, and inner confidence prepares them best for the future.4/5(K).

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua, though may not give me answer to the questions, at least provides me with some interesting hints. The week that Amy Chua’s book was released, she became one of the most provocative women in the United .

Battle hymn of the tiger mother / Amy Chua.

The importance of the virtuous circle in battle hymn of the tiger mother a book by amy tan

p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. eISBN: 1. Chua, Amy. The scanning, uploading, and distribution of this book via the Internet or via any other means without the permission of the The Virtuous Circle!

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and?.”.” “The ” A:!!. Published by The Penguin Press in January , Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was a runaway New York Times bestseller, as well as a bestseller in the U.K., Germany, Israel, Korea, Poland, China, and Taiwan.

The book was the subject of a Time magazine cover .

The importance of the virtuous circle in battle hymn of the tiger mother a book by amy tan