The customer satisfaction of brokenshire college

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The customer satisfaction of brokenshire college

The research was purely based on the survey conducted in Bagalkot. The sampling technique used was simple random sampling of advertisers. The data was collected through personal interview and structured questionnaire.

The research instrument used was a questionnaire which helped in knowing the pulse of the advertisers. So whatever services are provided to the customer his satisfaction is a must. Otherwise within no time the company will loose its customer. Now as in case of news paper depending on the information including national and international and local news, people prepare the news paper.

So the study explore the needs and requirement of customers so by the study that too by the survey one can get the clear picture about the satisfaction of customers towards the Vijay Karnataka news paper and one can know what are the additional things to be added so that customer will be delighted.

He is not dependent on us, we are dependent on him. He is not an Interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business.

He is a part of it. We are not doing him, a Favour by serving him. Many new-generation banks and other firms go all out to woo customers.

The customer satisfaction of brokenshire college

Their pleasing ways and refined manners end once the customer avails of a loan or buys a product. Recently, a customer found his wireless phone battery, provided by a private telephone company, out of charge. The press is supposed to play the crucial role of a watchdog to see that the foreside institution function fairly within the constitutional framework and serve the people for that welfare they created.

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The moment press ceases to perform this function, it looses its credibility. India land of kings and emperors was than ruled even though in absence widespread education means of communication and transport in somewhat the message of the rulers had a reach every corner of the territory.

There was no press or newspaper ashoka the great Indian emperor had devised his only means of communication he used to publish the imperial edicts on rocks stone pillars the news of the day was published in small picture drawn on the walls of temples in ink or colour which could be removed easily even the moral code was proclaimed through the art of the monarch to his loving people.

The establishment of the Moghul empire in India ushered in a new area in the filed of journalism. The Moghul rule organised communication written newspaper of kind were in circulation Aurangzeb one of the last and great Moghul emperors had an efficient system of information officers.

The customer satisfaction of brokenshire college

They had maintained a bureau of intelligence in every provincial capital news writers were appointed there. To know the satisfaction level of readers towards Vijay Karnataka news paper 2. To know which type of news and supplementary are prepped more by the reader in Vijay Karnataka news paper 3.

To provide information to company about why reader prefer news paper as advertising media 4. The study is limited to the news paper readers of Bagalkot only 2.

Time is the major constraint of the study. Since sample is only which is not a true representative 0f the population as a whole.

Level accuracy of the result of research is restricted to the accuracy level with which the customer have given the answer and the accuracy level cannot be a prediction. The survey is not done throughout the census. For example unemployment people more than in city or place, to news only employment to more than call form news to write in news paper.Brokenshire College is committed to provide value-oriented Christian Education through continuous improvement and total involvement for customer satisfaction.

Technology. Modernize Fecility. Analysis. Are fully developed potential for critical thinking. Table Courses Offered in College X, Penang Branch Campus 7 Table Definition of Key Terms 10 Table Summary of Items of Measurement 38 between customer satisfaction and service quality has also received a good deal of attention in the literature (Bolton & Drew, ).

Meeting customer requirements Ensuring customer satisfaction Food safety during handling and storage, preparation, cooking and serving Occupational safety and health Providing a safe and healthy work environment Environmental and social sustainability Minimise impact on the environment and contribute to local social well being.

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Titan Group Construction Inc.© All Rights Reserved. of service quality had a direct relationship with customer retention” (clottey, collier & stodrick, ). Satisfaction is a core object of marketing strategies for more than five decades (Carroll & Ahuvia, ). Satisfaction determines the future purchases pattern and it enhances craving for the product or service.

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