Short essay on my pet cat

My Pet Animal Cat Paragraph: Short Essay on Cat:

Short essay on my pet cat

I used to have a very special pet, It is my lovely animal. He was a very cute cat. My friend gave it to me for my birthday. I named him Moch because he was as cute as the bear and also me. Moch was very beautiful, naughty cat, and bit aggressive too.

She had white fluffy fur and purple eyes and she had a little gray spot on her head and a black spot on her tail, and she also had small legs with very cute paws. When my friend gave her to me, she was four months old. My friend brought her back from one of his holiday trips to Australia.

Moch was a very smart cat. Why I said that?? This is because she used to known my timing for every single day. She would wake me up in the morning, a couple of minutes before my alarm clock would sound off, by hug me. She even knew what time I came home, I noticed this when I used to hear clawing at the door of my house.

Then, when I opened the door, she would jump on me and want me hug her as if she was trying to tell me that she missed me so much. The best thing that I used to like about her is that she was a trained cat.

One time I took her to the shopping mall and I carried her in my bag to every store I went into. In one of the stores, she jumped out of my bag and started running around the store. We finally cornered her in one of the dressing rooms, and she jumped in my bag as if nothing happened.

I would take her everywhere I went. Sometime, she hid under the chair and once the door opened, she runs swiftly out of the room and I will runs too to catch her back. She really like running in the house and I feel it is better than doing the evil things.

Short essay on my pet cat

I feel so happy when I run with her. Till this day, Moch and I would always have great times together. Then, after she got tired, she would just run to me, sit on my lap and begin biting my hands as if she wanted me to pet her, so she can go to sleep.

Anyway, I was a lucky person who have a very cute cat and always with me and also make me happy and smile every hour, every minutes, and every second. I really love Moch and she is my lovely catShort Essay on “Cat” ( Words) Article shared by.

It lives on the streets as well as in our houses and is one of our favourite pet animals. The cat’s body is covered with soft, silky hair and has four short legs and sharp claws hidden in the fleshy pads.

Words Short Essay on Domestic Pets ; Short Summary of “Be still, my. My Pet: My pet animal cat Short essay, essay for kids, essay on My pet (50 - words). My favourite pet cat essay for kids. S ince time immemorial human being and animals like cat, fish, bird, and any animals gave lived together.

I used to have a very special pet, It is my lovely animal. He was a very cute cat. My friend gave it to me for my birthday. I named him Moch because he was as cute as the bear and also The Cat Essay- An English Essay On The Cat.

The Cat essay for school students of class 1 to 5. the oldest known pet cat was recently found in a 9,year-old grave on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. This grave predates early Egyptian art depicting cats by 4, years or more.

The Two Pots English Story- Short Story On The Two Pots. Descriptive Essay on My Pet. My pet is a dog named Tipsy. Tipsy is an adorable brown dog that has a few black spots spread across his body and tail.

Tipsy is a kelpie crossed with a border collie, and he has fluffy velvety ears. Whenever, my dog plays with the cat’s water, I see him lifting his head as some of the cat’s water pours out.

Essay on My Pet Dog for Kids and School Students - 10 Lines, words, words Human and dog friendship is the oldest. It is the most useful animal to the mankind.

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