Problems and questions

Do not put your hand in the disposer.

Problems and questions

Network cable to computer and wall Blue Check to see if the monitor goes black just as Windows is loaded. This could indicate a problem with the video card driver or settings in Windows.

Since you can't see to get to the settings, this is difficult to fix without a visit from technical support. Symptom The screen is not synchronized Diagnosis Check to make sure the signal cable is firmly connected in the socket.

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Check that the output level matches the input level of your computer. Make sure the signal timing of the computer system is within the specification of the monitor.

Symptom The screen is too bright or too dark Diagnosis Check if the Brightness or contrast control is at the appropriate position, not at the maximum or minimum. Check if the specified voltage is applied Check if the signal timing of the computer system is within the specification of the monitor. Especially, check the horizontal frequency.

Symptom The screen is shaking Diagnosis Move all objects that emit a magnetic field, such as a motor or transformer, away from the monitor. Check if the specified voltage is applied.

Check if the signal timing of the computer system is within the specification of the monitor. Printer Troubleshooting The Printer is not printing Diagnosis Check to see if the printer getting power If there are no lights or no display on the front of the printer, the printer is not getting electricity or power.

Check to make sure the power cord is plugged in both to the wall or power strip and to the back of the printer. Wiggle the power cord where it plugs into the back of the printer to make sure it is not loose.

Some models of desk jets have a two part power cord. In this case, check along the length of the power cord to make sure both parts are plugged in together.

If the printer is still not getting power, plug the power cord into a different outlet on the power strip. If this does not work, try plugging the printer into a different wall outlet.

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Check to see if you can print a Windows test page The windows test page is a basic communication test between your computer and the printer. To print a Windows test page: Left mouse-click on the Start button. Go to Settings and then select Printers. Inside the printer window, you should see a small printer icon with the name of printer you are trying to print to.

Place your mouse arrow on the small printer icon and right mouse-click.

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A small gray window should appear and the last choice in the box is Properties. Left mouse-click on Properties. A printer window with several tabs should appear.

On the General tab, there is a Print Test Page button in the lower right corner. Left mouse-click on the button. You may click on the "Yes" button on your screen, but the real question is: Did anything print from the printer?

Problems and questions

If the answer is no, please call or e-mail the Help Desk at x If you can print a Windows test page, try to print from a different program. If the document does not print from that program, the printing problem has to do with that program.

Check to see if there is paper in printer. Is their a paper jam?Interesting questions for discussions in Engish lessons.

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Survey Question Mistake #1: Failing to Avoid Leading Words / Questions My Account More car fires happen every year from deferred maintenance than accidents.

Comments, questions and errors should be sent to [email protected] The Virtual Text and some of the problems make use of either the CHIME plugin, or Jmol.

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