My most cherished possession

I could do it all day long as well as look at them! Amazing is all I can keep saying. Everyone I talk to first says how much of a great time they had, and then say how beautiful the pictures are.

My most cherished possession

Although cherished possession transfers differ in many important ways from typical gift exchanges, they are a special case of gift giving, consistent with many parameters of the gift-giving framework.

Intergenerational transfers have previously been studied from an inheritance perspective, however, the gift exchange literature provides important additional insight Rosenfeld ; Sussman, Cates and Smith This research focuses on distributions of cherished possessions transferred from older to younger generational family members, and extends our theoretical understanding of end of life gifts transferred by older consumers.

In this exploratory study in-depth interviews are conducted with matched sets of both cherished possession donors and recipients.

Results suggest that the gift exchange focus provides a relevant theoretical foundation and systematized framework for the invesigation of intergenerational possession transfers. Many differences are noted, demonstrating that intergenerationally transferred end-of-life gifts are substantially different in many ways from more conventional gift exchanges.

Of the few academic papers relating to the topic of intergenerational possession transfers, the phenomenon is typically explored within the context of inheritances and bequests, as if it were a purely economic transfer. Although an examination of the economic aspects of the transfer predominates, there is substantial evidence suggesting that other factors are also at play.

For those bequesting possessions, the process of inheritance is much more than an economic decision. Cherished possessions are often unique items that cannot be easily divided between the number of surviving loved ones.

Deciding which family member should receive a singular cherished item can be especially heart wrenching Tobin ; Doka ; Unruh ; McCracken Moreover, informants in one study reported that receiving a possession from a deceased loved one provided them with a "psychic income as valuable as real property" Sussman, Cates and Smithp.

A great deal of research has been conducted relating to gift giving including: However, even with the aging of our population, we still know little about the gift-giving behavior of the large and growing subculture of the elderly Sherry Especially neglected is the gift-giving behavior of older consumers within their families.


This is unfortunate for three reasons. First of all, this is an affluent population segment with strong potential for profitability Bureau of Statistics, Grandparents spend a very large percentage of their income on gifts for family members Fisher Better understanding the gift-giving behavior of older consumers could aid marketers seeking to satisfy this segment of the population.

Second, strong emotional feelings are associated with intergenerational possession transfers. Previous research indicates decisions related to the disposition of financial assets are typically not problematic. Assets can easily be divided equally between survivors.

However, the decision of to whom a singular cherished possession is given is often fraught with tension and anxiety for both gift giver and potential recipient Tobin ; Unruh ; McCracken The resolution of such anxiety certainly merits further study.

During the 20th century the number of people in the United States over the age of sixty-five has tripled. The elderly numbered 3. The Bureau of Census expects this population segment to increase dramatically until the yearwhen the U.

The disposition decisions of this large and growing population segment will greatly impact society by its sheer magnitude. In summary, this research strives to contribute to our understanding of the intergenerational transfer of cherished possessions, positioned as a speial case of a gift-giving exchange.

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Cherished Possessions End of life dispositions of cherished possessions, is explored with the understanding that any resource may be selected and given as a gift Wagner, Ettenson, and Verrier This research focuses on possessions cherished by the older consumer.

For the purpose of this project, a special possession is defined as an object that is described by its owner as "important," "special," "cherished," "favorite," or "priceless" Holbrook ; Richins b; Tobin ; Wapner, Demick and Redondo A cherished possession is one the owner feels a special fondness for, usually based on recollections associated with the object Tobin Importantly, special possessions are approached in this investigation as "polysemic symbolic resources" Holtpg.

Conceptual Framework In order to set the stage for the investigation that follows, the gift-giving conceptual framework is reviewed briefly, focusing on the three distinct stages of the gift-giving process: This is not an attempt to comprehensively review the gift-giving literature, but rather, to use this framework as a template for enhancing understanding of this phenomenon.

The gestation stage includes all of the thoughts and behaviors leading up to the presentation of the gift, beginning with the stimuli that motivate the giver to present the planned recipient with a gift, and including all of the activities leading up to the actual gift presentation.Nothing in my life is without great passion, and I believe imagination is my most cherished possession.

The first thing you need to know about me is that i have this quirk my loved ones refer to . I guess I’d have to say that my most cherished possession (other than my Bible) would be the one I lose the most: my 5th generation iPod Nano in cobalt blue.

I got it the summer before 9th grade in , and I can feel the nostalgia as I write this. Even though I’ve lost it more times than I can count, it somehow never fails to find me.

My most cherished possession

#RunePoll: What is your most cherished possession in-game, and why? PM - 1 Oct 3 Retweets 41 Likes 97 replies 3 retweets 41 likes. Reply. Retweet.


3. My Trim Comp cape, which I unlocked as a memorial to my father. 2nd, my yellow phat, always the dream to own a phat! 1 reply 0 retweets 1 like. Reply. 1. My friend works at a games shop and found about 8 copies of this or so in the back room, which supposedly hadn't been cleaned in at least 10 years.

I know own 4 copies that just chill in the corner of my living room haha. Cherished quotes from YourDictionary: I am grateful that I have rights in the proverbial public square--but, as a practical matter, my most cherished rights are those that I possess in my bedroom and hospital room and death chamber.

My most cherished possession

You Are God’s Treasured Possession One of the main reasons why most Christians suffer from feelings of rejection, self-hatred, insecurity, terrible fear, people-pleasing, loneliness, unfulfilled cravings for .

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