How to write a faq

It is a simple way to communicate simple pieces of information to your reader quickly.

How to write a faq

I love using a tool like Zapier to get things done without me or our team lifting a finger. You want to be able to sell while you sleep. As you may know, Google consistently ranks us as the 1 authority for online sales funnels. Because FAQs need to be written in a voice your customer understands.

We also threw in some advanced bonus tips at the end to help you create some serious, next-level FAQ copy. They throw some questions together that they think their audience will ask and call it a day.

This is a critical mistake. You can see that these are just general questions about the company. In my opinion, these would be better left on the About page. The goal is to put them at ease about the sale. Write with the intention of giving them peace of mind. When a prospective customer hits your site, they might as well be walking into your bricks-and-mortar store.

It gives them answers to specific questions related to what you sell. Think of your FAQs section like a shoe store.


FAQs let you advance the conversation with your customer without you having to be there. Look at your industry and see what your competitors are doing. This will also tell you what your customers care about most when buying. Have you heard these questions from customers before?

Jot these down and whittle your list to six or 10 of the most commonly-asked questions. Talk to customers as often as possible! The easiest way to figure out which questions to include in your FAQ is to talk with your customers. This should set the focus in part, or in whole, for your FAQ section.

For example, when we offered our done-for-you funnel service, we had an email automation set up for customers who were on the fence.

Frequently Asked Questions about the GNU Licenses - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation

This was a great way to get people replying to our emails with questions we could then incorporate into our FAQs section.

Manual follow-up creates a dialogue between you and your customer.

how to write a faq

Use this interaction to understand them even more. Include a call to action on your FAQs page. Similarly, one of the simplest ways you can positively influence conversions with an FAQ section is to include a CTA button close by.

how to write a faq

Check out this example from the American Cancer Society. In this case, their call to action is to get donations. Note the high level of color contrast so the button easily catches the eye. You may also want to consider linking within the text of your FAQ to whatever the next step is.

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Nest valuable social proof next to or within the FAQs. Most people reading your FAQs are looking for reassurance. They want to know how X feature works or info on your billing and refund policy. Remember, people are inherently risk-averse.

To earn a sale, the content of your website, including your FAQs, must overcome the inertia of risk perception. I would say the best way to do this is by adding social proof to your FAQs.

Social proof could be as simple as customer logos close to your FAQs section. The idea here is that you are leveraging the credibility of known third parties, since you are less well-known to the customer. Check out how Wipstera video collaboration platform, does it.

Just about anyone would recognize several of these logos.FAQ Page–If you write within a niche that tends to confuse people, or you find you get a lot of the same questions over and over again, a “Frequently Asked Questions” page can be your best friend.

A brand’s FAQ page tends to go one of two ways – if it’s been well written, it can provide a helpful resource for customers, providing the answers they are looking for .

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Write an Amazing FAQ Page! The Right Q/As Help Sales & SEO