Better to be late than sorry

People who are strong would stand up, take charge and do their best to straighten things, while the chicken-hearted will blame it on time and destiny and continue to ignore things further.

Better to be late than sorry

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They are considered trite and should be avoided in writing unless used purposely for effect. We all use them without thinking, sometimes because they fit the bill or are just the ticket both clichesbut usually because they're metaphors, idiom, or truisms that have become so common we no longer notice them.

If we say better late than never or speak of someone being down in the dumpswe likely won't register that we just used a cliche. Speech is filled with shortcuts as we aim to make ourselves understood. Check the cliches below to see if you're prone to using them. Writing that relies heavily on cliches is considered poor or lazy writing.

Editors may reject creative writing on the basis of too many cliches alone. Reviewers will point them out if it is not obvious that the writer used them for comic effect, such as to define an overly earnest or boring character.

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Occasionally an idiomatic cliche works well to help characterize with humour, such as a character who says, Well isn't that enough to piss off the Pope? In such cases it will be clear that the cliches are used for special effect.

The list of cliches below is not meant to be comprehensive, but should help you catch some of the more common cliches in use.

Better to be late than sorry

If you've heard something described as you have described it in your work, my advice is to substitute the phrase with something more original.

If some cliches slip by you and your editor, it's not the end of the world. It is difficult to catch them all, but strive to note cliched phrases when you see them, so you may use a fresher phrase in the future.

If cliches are frequent and easy to spot, you're not doing your job as a writer, and you might spend more time weeding them out.right But better safe than sorry, but for the lovebirds Can move to the suburbs, I need to double check your story To make sure that you one of a kind (Always Be My) Sunshine Babyface, Foxy Brown, Jay-Z.

Better Late Than Sorry “Better safe than sorry” is a modern English idiom that can be traced back to Irish novelist Rory O’More (). Essentially, it means that it is better to take protective measures rather than be sorry that you didn’t if something bad happens.

After the none-too-impressive performance of Chakram, Prabhas has become very careful. He does not want to rush into things and spoil his chances.

Gone, it seems, are the days of fun and frolic.

Better Safe than Sorry.

Sep 15,  · BTW, the 'better X than Y' format is used in other idiomatic phrases: Better red than dead [It's better to pretend to accept Communism than to die opposing it] Better late than never [It's better for someone to arrive late than not to arrive at all]. better half better late than never better mousetrap better safe than sorry between a rock and a hard place beyond the pale bide your time big as life big fish in a small pond big cheese big man on campus bigger they are the harder they fall bird in the hand birds and the bees.

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When it comes to kids, bats and rabies, it’s better to be safe than sorry Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Blog Posted on August 27, by Jennifer Chevalier, MD September 4, It can be terrifying when your child wakes up to find a bat fluttering above his or her bed in the dark. Better Safe Than Sorry: How Startups are Staying Protected in Cyberspace Cyber insurance policies trace their origins to the dot-com boom of the late s. “We saw that [the internet] was a. Belated Birthday Wishes ~ Better Late Than Never. by Paul V. Belated is just another word for “late”, and it is better late than never, to bestow good wishes on someone for the day of their birth. 🙂 I am sorry about this birthday wish being late, but on the positive side you will not have to wait a full year before your next one.

The moment someone tells you that you're not good enough, is the moment you know you're better off than they are, and better off without them. Read more quotes and sayings about Better Safe Than Sorry. Better late than never, but never late is better. up, down. Drake quotes Rap quotes.


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