An overview of the factors that contribute to canadas power in the world

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An overview of the factors that contribute to canadas power in the world

Posted with permission of the author. At that point in time, media literacy had been mandated as part of the English curriculum for Grades 8 through to Working over several months, we put together our key concepts from a variety of sources in Australia and Great Britain — particularly the work of Len Masterman — adding a few Canadian ideas of our own.

Sincea number of people have taken the key concepts and reduced them to four or five or six. Watching Television Watching Us, to make them more accessible to the ordinary television viewer. Below is the original version of the key concepts plus my recent adaptation.

The Key Concepts Ontario's provincial standards document links outcomes to the following eight key concepts, which provide a theoretical base for all media literacy, and give teachers a common language and framework for discussion. These key concepts come into all media literacy activities to varying degrees.

All media are constructions. This is arguably the most important concept. The media do not simply reflect external reality.

Rather, they present carefully crafted constructions that reflect many decisions and are the result of many determining factors. Media Literacy works towards deconstructing these constructions i. The media construct reality. The media are responsible for the majority of the observations and experiences from which we build up our personal understandings of the world and how it works.

An overview of the factors that contribute to canadas power in the world

Much of our view of reality is based on media messages that have been preconstructed and have attitudes, interpretations, and conclusions already built in.

Thus the media, to a great extent, give us our sense of reality. Audiences negotiate meaning in media. If the media provides us with much of the material upon which we build our picture of reality, each of us finds or "negotiates" meaning according to individual factors: Media messages have commercial implications.

Media literacy aims to encourage awareness of how the media are influenced by commercial considerations, and how they impinge on content, technique, and distribution. Questions of ownership and control are central: Media messages contain ideological and value messages.

All media products are advertising in some sense proclaiming values and ways of life. The mainstream media convey, explicitly or implicitly, ideological messages about such issues as the nature of the good life and the virtue of consumerism, the role of women, the acceptance of authority, and unquestioning patriotism.

Media messages contain social and political implications. The media have great influence in politics and in forming social change.

Television can greatly influence the election of a national leader on the basis of image. The media involve us in concerns such as civil rights issues, famines in Africa, and the AIDS epidemic. They give us an intimate sense of national issues and global concerns so that we have become McLuhan's Global Village.

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