An analysis of the roswell and government coverups

This date—or "about three weeks" before July 8—appeared in later stories featuring Brazel, but the initial press release from the Roswell Army Air Field RAAF said the find was "sometime last week", suggesting Brazel found the debris in early July. As described in the July 9, edition of the Roswell Daily RecordThe balloon which held it up, if that was how it worked, must have been 12 feet [3. The rubber was smoky gray in color and scattered over an area about yards [ m] in diameter.

An analysis of the roswell and government coverups


The later photos show a Pope with a more hooked nose, of a different shape, more rounded, from the earlier Pope. The ear shapes are completely different, including the size of the lobes.

The jaw of the earlier Pope is much more prominent than the later Pope. The later Pope is thought to be an Italian Actor, who had plastic surgery to make him look like the Pope, supposedly arranged by Cardinals Villot, Benelli and Casaroli.

Other people suspected something strange was going on and investigated it. An Overthrow of the Vatican? He even got voiceprints of the two Popes to show the differences using recordings of public blessings.

Father Malachi Martin also was aware of the situation. One of the duties of the imposter Pope was to present new encyclicals which put the Catholic Church in bad standing. The real Pope endured as a hostage until he finally died in Meanwhile the false Pope installed Benelli to a Cardinal in so he would have a chance at becoming Pope himself.

He aligned himself with communist and Masonic forces to become a likely candidate to antipope. Luciani was naive to politics and was vocal with announcing his intention to continue the reforms of his predecessors. He was in good health.

Everyone was shocked when he died of an apparent heart attack 34 days later. What was strange was that Villot, Benelli, and Casaroli were selected by the new Pope to run important departments within the Vatican. Since they worked so closely with the new Pope, the communists felt assured they had a victory even though Benelli didn't become Pope.

In when Pope Paul II was gunned down in the streets, the communists were even more sure they were victorious, but miraculously, the Pope overcame his dire injuries. There were several other attempts on his life, but he escaped with his life intact.

Much time has passed since then. Casaroli died on June 10, Created cardinal priest, June 27, ; received red biretta and title of S.

An analysis of the roswell and government coverups

Prisca, June 27, Participated in conclave of August Participated in conclave of October October 26,Florence. Buried, metropolitan cathedral basilica S. Maria del Fiore, Florence. It is critical to remember that this will be the first conclave of the third millennium.

That fact alone will impose tremendous psychological pressure on the electors to be forward looking, choosing a man who embodies the church of the future. That means the developing world, where seventy percent of Catholics today live - and the only place where the church is experiencing significant growth.Caravan Illegals Will Have To Wait In Mexico While Trump Processes Them For Asylum Under New Plan But Mexican Law Won’t Allow Them To Stay In Mexico!

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Roswell. In this UFO Sightings video clip: Roswell: A brief look at the Roswell UFO encounter, and the controversy around it.

An analysis of the roswell and government coverups

For over 60 years, the debate has raged on. What happened in Roswell? An alien encounter or a government cover-up? Get a closer look at Roswell. In , highway surveillance video from the United Kingdom captured what appears to be a strange humanoid-like creature sprinting across a four-lane highway.

At full-speed, the video appears to be of an animal crossing the highway at a pretty fast clip but still-frames from the video call that identification into question. Still frame photos show what appears to be a human head, body, and. An unidentified flying object (UFO) is an object observed in the sky that is not readily UFOs are later identified as conventional objects or phenomena.

The term is widely used for claimed observations of extraterrestrial spacecraft. In , a man discovered a number of artifacts in Roswell, New Mexico, where an alien spacecraft had supposedly crashed in Verified the NMT data with analysis showing AL Si Mg Mn Cu with a some Fe.

(Image credit: Frank Kimbler) he is terrified that the government . Aliens along with UFOs exist because of Government Cover-ups, The Roswell Incident, Extraterrestrial Laws and Government Projects.


The United States government is actively involved in secret military projects. For national security reasons the military keeps these projects secret from the public.

Government Cover-Up - UFO Evidence