An analysis of the loyola high school v quebec case

Reasonableness, Proportionality and Religious Freedom: Loyola High School v. Quebec Attorney GeneralSCC 12 Paul Daly March 19, Where an administrative decision-maker has violated a fundamental right, how should courts review the decision?

An analysis of the loyola high school v quebec case

The law and moral instruction in the classroom: What's a parent to do? Analysis The law and moral instruction in the classroom: Lorna Dueck looks at parental rights and religious freedom in the Supreme Court challenge over Quebec's new ethics and religion curriculum.

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May 15, 1: May 16, Freedom of conscience, freedom of religion and parental authority will all be on trial Wednesday as a Quebec case involving a parent's right to pass on religious beliefs and moral values gets underway before the Supreme Court of Canada.

At issue is the new Quebec curriculum on moral instruction called Ethics and Religious Culture, introduced in to try to accommodate the more diverse beliefs of the province's changing population.

The new ERC is a mandatory course in all of Quebec's elementary and high schools and was designed to replace the moral instruction that had been set for centuries by the province's Catholic and Protestant school boards. Its expanded curriculum includes all the major world religions as well as native spirituality, while still reflecting Quebec's Christian roots and citizenry.

Advocates of the ERC point out that the material is packed with nearly 90 per cent Christian teaching and is superior to the catechism model. Quebec Education Minister Line Beauchamp inherits the ethics in the classroom debate.

The former minister of the environment took over from her embattled predecessor, Michelle Courchesne, in August It's a maddening quandary that has split the religious community.

Some are grateful for a reasoned, thorough integration of the ERC into schools. Others are outraged over the presumed curbing of their own beliefs, while others, still, refuse to budge over the good memories they have of the older, confessional system.

The result is a surprising mix of otherwise diverse interests locking arms to fight against what they see as an imposed ERC worldview under the guise of religious neutrality. There's a publication ban on the names of the parents who have been leading the fight against the new curriculum.

But we shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the Drummondville case, as it has become known S. Commission scolaire des Chenesis ultimately about the kids. Instruction versus education While I may think that all this legal wrangling doesn't put us Christians in a good light, the case is more complicated than that.

For one thing, it makes us wrestle with our beliefs about how spirituality is imparted to a child. Glenn Smith, a lecturer at McGill's faculty of education, teaches the Ethics and Religious Culture course to future teachers and is watching the Drummondville case closely.Loyola involves a decision by Quebec’s Minister of Education, Recreation and Sport to deny Loyola High School (“Loyola”) an exception from a provincially-mandated course on world culture and religion.

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Loyola is a private English-language Catholic secondary school for boys, established by Jesuits in the s.

The Supreme Court has rendered its decision in Loyola High School v.

An analysis of the loyola high school v quebec case

Quebec (Attorney General). Quebec (Attorney General). The case examines the province of Quebec’s Ethics and Religious Culture (ERC) curriculum which was put in place several years ago when the province went through the process of moving away from a confessional .

APPELLANT — Plaintiff v. ATTORNEY GENERAL OF QUEBEC COURT OF QUEBEC If the decision is characterized as being an exercise in judicial discretion, in Doré v. Barreau du Québec, Loyola High School v.

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Québec (Attorney General) (“Loyola” An example of this is the case of R. v.

An analysis of the loyola high school v quebec case

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Case: Loyola High School and John Zucchi v. Attorney General of Québec, SCC Summary: Such was the central question framed by the Superior Court in this case after Loyola, a private Catholic school, was denied permission by the Quebec government to teach a mandatory Ethics and Religious Culture (ERC) course from a Catholic.

Drummondville case is before the Supreme Court of Canada and that the Loyola case, decided in the school’s favour by the Québec Superior Court, is currently under appeal. (19/01/12). As Recording Secretary, I am responsible for maintaining an active interest in the proceedings of a number of diverse committees and accurately recording decisions and Senior Analyst, Optional Services .

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