Academic writing in english a process-based approaching

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Academic writing in english a process-based approaching

Describe about the Luxury Brand Management? Each brand manager is quick to affirm that their brand or business is not the same as some other, however those overseeing luxury brands are conceivable the only ones who are who are legitimized academic writing in english a process-based approaching claim such gigantic differentiation in their brand or business.

In this context there is a need of managing both the intangible and tangible brand characteristics. In order to manage such characteristics there is a need of proper plan and analysis to understand the how the brand is perceived in the market Hennigs et al.

This is what generally termed as Brand Management. A luxury brand is a brand that is highly exclusive and selective. Managing such brands needs proper emotional value and creativity for customers. Few Authors say that buying such luxury brand is shows the social position in the society.

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Thus, for managing such brands there is a need of Luxury Brand management which sets to understand the potentiality of such luxury brand in the targeted market Chevalier and Mazzalovo, This report discusses the company profile and tries to relate it current strategies with the brand management concepts.

Based on the critical success factor of the organization, the report discusses the techniques and tools to manage the luxury brand. The report is concluded by giving a brief on the overall discussion in the report.

As opposed to homogenizing the different brands and making them satisfactory in bunch societies, Owen-Jones chose to exemplify their the brands' nation of source, transforming what numerous advertising masters considered a narrowing element into a showcasing excellence. L'Oreal sold cosmetics, scent, and hair and healthy skin products to both men and ladies in nations Icmrindia.

academic writing in english a process-based approaching

The group reported its eighteenth successive year of twofold digit development in December The owner of the brand mainly relies on these intangible resources to make profit. The main function of the brand is to make the purchasing behaviour of their potential customers easier by distinguishing the products.

It is a tool to identify and distinguish similar products Mallik, However, to maximize the potential of a brand there is a need to understand the product life cycle and make business strategies accordingly.

Further, at the point when a brand has leverage over other contending brands, such a brand ought to be overseen in order to expand the product's apparent worth to the client, in this way expanding brand value. Marketing administrators are thusly anticipated that they should be aware of the product life cycle idea in light of the fact that it can be a profitable support in creating brand management systems that can manage an association.

The idea of product life cycle proposes that any services or product travel through identifiable stages, each of which is identified with the progression of time and has diverse attributes. Accordingly, the product life cycle has the accompanying stages as shown below: This stage happens when a product is initially presented to its expected target market.

At this stage, sales increase gradually, and benefit is negligible. Purchasers are uncertain about the product and it is not loaded by all wholesalers. The product is adjusted as clients give criticism. Sales are just expanded by early on advertising support and price offers.

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In the event that buyers are fulfilled by the product, its notoriety will spread and it will enter the growth stage. This stage is checked by a quick move in the offers of the product particularly the early adopters like the product and the middle class larger part is starting to begin belittling the product.

New contenders enter the business sector with distinctive product forms emerging from the expanding number of potential clients. Since it might be fundamental to the achievement of a brand to acquire the amplest conceivable circulation, transactions with these key dispersion players are fundamental.

academic writing in english a process-based approaching

No product or business sector can become perpetually; in the end all the noteworthy uses will have been created. The curve of sales will smooth and the business or product will have arrived at the level of maturity.

Reach the peak of the profits and afterward start to decay, reflecting heightened rivalry, and particularly on cost. Interest is additionally reasonably steady as of right now with no sudden upsurges or descending plunge in the offers of the product.

At this stage likewise, accentuation is on lessening the expenses of generation keeping in mind the end goal to amplify returns; however a superior method for fulfilling the needs of the consumers will more positively be given by an alternate new product and will enter into the decline stage.–Level 2: Approaching (Approaching Grade-level) –Level 1: Below (Below Grade-level) Bookmarking Process Based on the threshold PLD, think of target student for each performance level, (English I/II) Student writing should be a bigger push.

Also, the scoring is quite strong as the. Understanding Assignments What this handout is about. Convincing the reader of your argument is the goal of academic writing. It doesn’t have to say “argument” anywhere in the assignment for you to need one.

In plain English, your instructor is telling you how many pages it should take for you to answer the question as fully as. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking skills and strategies are integrated to form a dynamic process-based program which explores relationships among and between the communication arenas.

The aforementioned hypotheses were affirmed by a study conducted by Hafiz and Tudor involving a 3-month experimental reading programme on Pakistani students, that led to the conclusion that leisure or extensive reading, “assisted in improving their language and academic performance in both reading and writing skills” (as cited in Lukhele, p).

Considerations: The Writing Process: A Scaffolding Approach 4 T/TAC W&M Updated Practical Application Joan Turner, a general 8th-grade literature and writing teacher for Norfolk Public Schools, originally presented the following writing lesson.

The participants in this study were 94 freshmen students studying for a bachelor degree in English at a university in Japan. The study was incorporated into four random freshmen classes (n24/n24/n23/n23) during the spring semester of Each group member must take a turn writing for 15 minutes (5 × 15 = 75).

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